Monday, October 13, 2008

October 2008 : Press

Hoopla : The Leah Randazzo Group ~ July 19, 2008 ~ The Blue Note ~ New York, NY
My first impression of Leah was that of a clean and sober Amy Winehouse with a hint of Norah Jones.

Many performers instantly remind you of what is familiar. If they are good, it usually takes a week or two for that sound to take on its own identity. Leah's debut record, At the Root, did just that. Now the 23-year-old composer-songstress sounds like herself and no one else. Equally impressive as her record is The Leah Randazzo Group's live show. Even if you stumbled upon her performance, you gravitate toward the stage, moving your feet to the jazz-funked up sounds. Leah sways across the stage with sex appeal, but that appeal is always outshined by her powerful vocals. Full Article